Metz & Paris (16-17-18 November 2010)

16-17 November at the Université Paul Verlaine – Ile du Saulcy- UFR Lettres & Langues Metz

18 November at INALCO, 2, rue de Lille, Paris


 The ALIENTO scientific team (Linguistic, Intercultural Analysis of Sapiential Statements and Transmission Orient/Occident & Occident/Orient) organises a three-day encounter on medieval sapiential tradition (VIIIth-XVth C.) in the Iberian Peninsula, in the perspective of the data base that is being built up.

 In March 2009 a first international colloquium, “Sapiential sentences: cultures et transmissions”, brought together researcher who collaborated already on the project or wished to participate in it. Its main purpose consisted in the presentation of the project content, its aims and its methods.

At this stage of the work, we must contrast once more our observations with those of the specialists of the texts included in the Aliento corpus, insure the participants’ synergy by the organisation of workshops, and broaden our scientific perimeter.

 This year, the conferences and communications will be on the Ancient sources of our texts and their influence between the IXth and XVth Centuries. The workshops will deal with the formalisation of the textual data for the construction of the database starting from some sample of databases on sapiential literature.

The 16 and 17 November sessions will take place in Metz and the 18 November session will be in Paris. On 17 November, there will be workshops; the sessions of the 16 and the 18 will be devoted to conferences.

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